My Role

I worked with executive management at Ace Ticket and was responsible for designing the user experience as well as building the front-end architecture for the e-commerce platform. My involvement with Ace Ticket's e-commerce team garnered positive reviews by users on and increased conversion goals by 3% from 2012-2014.

I also planned, collaborated, and designed multiple Ace Ticket high-value web properties including’s 2014 ticket portal, Tickets for Charity, Ace Embrace, and Ace Ticket Concierge. On top of that, I was also responsible for creating and managing cohesive marketing campaigns including all digital marketing, mass marketing mediums, print, and billboard advertising to enhance the customer experience.

2015 Redesign Goal

During my time at Ace Ticket, I witnessed shifts in the ticket broker industry. Electronic tickets started to become not only accepted but encouraged at venues. This change in the industry required Ace to have a mobile-friendly website, something easier to maintain and easy to view when out and about.

In 2015, technology for stadium maps evolved to incorporate touch technologies and recognize responsive design trends. The responsive redesign for Ace Ticket's e-commerce platform utilized these newer technologies, allowing Ace the chance build a seamless experience across various devices.

Web Properties

From 2012 to 2014, I was lead UX designer and played a large role in developing the front-end architecture for Ace Ticket's e-commerce Desktop & Mobile platforms, Ace Embrace, and's ticket portal as well as managing Email and Banner Ad Campaigns.

Marketing Campaigns

Other responsibilities I had at Ace Ticket were to manage and create all branding and mass-marketing art direction that can be found in a variety of Greater Boston area publications, such as the Boston Globe, Clear Channel Outdoor, and Red Sox Magazine.

Most Memorable Challenge

The hardest challenge I faced was designing and developing the responsive architecture for Ace Ticket's Email template. This was at a time when hardly anyone was doing it yet, and mobile email clients were still not ready for responsive emails. Even when I finally came across a boilerplate (created by Email on Acid) that I could work with, the amount of blood, sweat, tears, and development hours it took to build and test remains a vivid memory.

Behind the Scenes

The following are wireframes, sketches, and illustrations collected from various projects during my time with Ace Ticket: