Please note, to comply Iora's confidentiality agreement, these designs and user profiles are reinterpretations of the originals.

My Role

I worked on the Design Team under Product Development to rebuild the front-end architecture, CSS grid system and design language for Chirp.

Task Manager

During my time with Iora, we built and defined the design language for Chirp, and once it was finished, it was time to stress-test our pattern library. Pushing it to the limits to see where our designs would start to break down. Each member of the design team was in charge of redesigning a section of the Chirp platform; I was in charge of redesigning the Task Manager as well as running a spike to see how long it would take to redevelop the front-end architecture.

UX Research:
User Interviews, Profiles & Usability Testing

During the redesign of Chirp, the design team would meet with various individuals ranging from health coaches to doctors, conducting user interviews and facilitating usability testing with lo-fi prototypes. Iora encouraged all members of the product team to visit Iora care team members to build an understanding of people's needs when using Chirp.

Below are two of Chirp's user personas:

Primary User
Jane Foster
Role: Health Coach


Jane is a health coach on the care team, bridging the gap between the patients, nurses, and doctors.

Jane loves to connect deeply with her patients, encouraging them and cheering them on to get to a better state of health. Jane is often very busy managing so many patients for the care teams at the Iora Health facility that, as a mental break, she will stop to water the plants around the office.

Primary Goal:

Easily manage daily tasks requested by various members of her care team.

Secondary Users
Albert Desmond, MD
Role: Doctor


Albert is always in the fast lane, moving from patient to patient, but attentive to each one's needs.

Albert loves working with such a passionately driven team, but finding time to communicate one-on-one with the team can be tough. Getting a bird’s eye view of what his team is doing day-to-day would make his life a little easier.

Primary Goal

View tasks needed for patients and assign to various members of the care team.

Lo-fi Prototypes; Testing with Invision

The design team liked to move quickly and care team members were always ready to volunteer their services just to get a glimpse of the redesign. Instead of waiting hours for the engineering team to building out a design, the design team would put together lo-fi prototypes using Invision. This usability testing process boosted team morale, allowing care team members the opportunity to voice their opinions on the platform.