Boston Tae Kwon Do Fitness

Building Strength Through Disicpline with Boston Tae Kwon Do Academy.

My Role

To redesign and build the front-end using a WordPress framework for the Boston Tae Kwon Do (TKD) Academy marketing website.

The Marketing Website

Boston TKD was looking to revamp their online marketing presence. Since management was already familiar with Wordpress as their CMS, I went on to write a new template from scratch.

Working with a blank HTML5 template, I began building a theme that would easily match their new design.

The Schedule

When I take on a new marketing project, one of my first requests is to view the analytics. I love numbers, especially these numbers; they always give me a clear insight into my first burning question, "What is the highest viewed page?" When I don't have much data to start designing with, I can at least feel comfortable knowing that I have pages that need special attention.

The schedule page for any fitness facility is always the highest viewed page, so making sure users of the Boston TKD could easily view their schedule on desktop and mobile space was crucial.

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