Animated input focus

Animated input focus

Built with CSS


Button animations

Various button animations for everyday use. Each button is an experiment in a different code base and a spike on seeing how the animation would react on different devices.

Built with Angular, CSS Animations, and D3.

Trust Pilot feed

A prototype for the Trust pilot review feed for Ace ticket. Using Trust Pilots api I wanted to run a spike and see what it would take to build a custom and responsive look to the feed instead of using one of their stock layouts.

Built with Angular.

Fenway park seating map

For a long time the ticket broker industry depended on Flash seating maps, no one was offering a better product. I felt the time was perfect and the technologies were there so I took it upon myself to build a vector seating map as a prototype to show what we could accomplish using SVG and the possibility of a better responsive experience. My greatest accomplishment with this prototype was that it worked in lower grade browsers like Ie7.

Built with SVG, Raphael.js, and jQuery